Gate of entertainment with hours of moments.

The house of diversified content, a platform where you can look for movies, shows, podcasts, books, games, programs altogether. Free from useless advertisement and restraining.

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benefits of product
benefits of product
benefits of product


An exclusively designed platform for you


What Flixarts does?

A unique of its kind, Flixarts is an entertainment and experience-driven platform with excited content of hundreds of watch hours. No limitations and different economical plans are there to put it ahead.

Including Award-winning movies, to famous shows and games, Flixarts has everything.

Flixarts is a playform with multi-device compatibility

Flixarts is a web application that easily runs on any device ranging from tablet to mobile phone and smart TV.

You can watch whatever you want, from the couch of your house by using Flixarts on a smart TV.


Free from ads and limits

Anyone can enjoy our content at fast pace without any hindrance, there are hundreds of premium movies, games and podcasts without any ad.

Flixarts's subscriptions comes with ad-free experience of the content.

Select one of the listed plans from Flixarts that fits better to your necessity



every 30 days

Entry offer for just € for the firsts 72 hours.
Then you will be charged with €.
You can cancel anytime.


every 30 days

Entry offer for just €for the firsts 72 hours, then you will be charged with €.
You can cancel anytime.


Here are the answers to the most of the problems you're likely to face

How Flixarts? is different?

Flixarts is a rapidly growing digital media platform that enables you to enjoy the movies of your favorite genre. In addition to our collections, we're offering extreme quality, latest movies that you can cherish without concerning the limitations of data, and convenient times. Join this excited global herd of Flixarts.

What value these subscriptions are giving?

Prior to your subscription, you will receive a privileged access to the Flixarts's content collection and all upcoming content. There are no certain watch time or periodic limits. It covers the whole as you'll pay for the subscription, no need to worry further

How does the trail starts?

In order to benefit from free trail, it works between 72 hours. To start with the registration, click on 'Sign Up' at the top of the page. Then, fill out our registration form and click on “Finish verification”. Now, when you've become a part of Flixarts, you can enjoy 1 free week. You have the autonomy to cancel your subscription any time. You only pays for the time you watch, there are no extra or hidden payments that you have to pay.

Is this available in other countries?

Yes, Flixarts is available in other countries as well, everyone is able to watch entertaining content from the Flixarts's library no matter where he's sitting! Most of the content remains in English, the reason we only presents original content.

Some examples of our content

Here you go some examples of our content